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CALLING finally available on March 8!

CALLING, the third book in the Sorcery and Society series, will be released in ebook and audio on March 8! I hope it's worth the wait!

After discovering and rescuing a group of magical Changelings just like herself, Sarah Smith must now figure out what to do with the unruly children – and how to keep them and the rest of the magical world safe!

Having left the structure of Miss Castwell’s Institute for the Magic Instruction of Young Ladies behind, Sarah and her two best friends, Alicia and Ivy, hide out with the Changeling children in the countryside while they try to formulate a plan. They have no weapons, no guidance, and the Mother Book is gone. They only have each other and the creeping threat of Miss Morton’s revenant army on the horizon…

New alliances must be forged, and old friends provide what support they can, but the trio wonders who they can truly trust. They are searching for the mysterious artifact that may prove to be the undoing of the undead, after all! As the rest of magical society prepares for what they think is the highlight of Lightbourne’s endless party season, Sarah, Alicia, and Ivy throw themselves headlong into planning for the night that holds their last chance to protect the safety of the entire magical world!

Join the ladies of Miss Castwell’s in this adventurous tale of magic, mystery and, occasionally, young romance!

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